The beauty of Creation speaks without words, calling for a response.*

For me, that call became compelling. I had to find a way to understand and be in relationship with that beauty.

Finally, I took up my side of the conversation with a brush.

It’s not as easy as it looks! Like a child learning to speak, I could not say what I meant. I threw away most of my efforts.

But beauty remained, day after day calling, “hurry and catch up.”

Always on the move, the sun, the changing light, clouds, flying umbrellas...

Unconcerned, Nature is glorious and moves ahead, not lingering for idle admirers. Yet some days, it all comes together, and something worth saying appears on my canvas. Please enjoy those moments with me here. And if you find something you’d like for your own, please contact me to make arrangements.


                           John Sabin

John Sabin Paintings
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Looking toward the light